Fire/Flame retardant fabrics (for furnishings)

The normal textile consists of highly ignitable materials and turn into primary source of fire percolation in case of a break-out. However fabrics are required for aesthetic appeal. Fire retardant fabrics per form both the task of providing aesthetics to the surroundings and preventing spread of fire. The there are typically two major categories of fire retardant fabrics which are coated fabric and inherently fire retardant fabric. The fire retardant fabrics are primarily of two types, 100% cotton fabric with coating of fire retardant chemical, inherently fire retardant fabric. The cotton fabrics are coated with fire retardant chemical in a bath which results in a layer of fire retardant getting formed on the cotton surface. The typical characteristics of the fire retardant fabric are like Very low fume toxicity in fire, High tear and abrasion resistance, Breathable and comfortable, Anti decay and Anti mould, Crease resistance, High dimensional stability, No fading and excellent colour tone. The key industries which drive the off-take of fire retardant fabric are all building and constructions need to get fire safety clearance from the fire department. However these clearances are more from the construction perspective rather than furnishing perspective. With boom in retail and real estate there has been rapid emergence of shopping complex, malls, cinema multiplex etc. There is need of fire retardant fabrics in these areas from the security point of view. Airlines, Railways and Ships are another key market, Office furnishings and hospitals and another key sector. The fabrics find application in curtains, sheers, upholstery, stage curtains, blankets, bedding, wall coverings and blinds.

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