Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) suits/Hazmat suits

Hazardous material (Hazmat) suits were designed to protect users handling hazardous waste material such chemicals, radioactive material etc. A more specialized variety of these suits are NBC (Nuclear Biological and Chemical) suits. Developed to protect soldiers, these are designed to protect the user in a hostile environment with chemical/biological agents and against radioactive fallout dust. The suits are designed to be worn for extended periods while continuing to operate in a combat environment. The NBC suit consists of a trouser and jacket and can be used directly over the under garments. The suit is permeable and allows evaporation of sweat (breathable). The suit is made of three layers; Inner layer: Fabric cotton, Middle layer: Active charcoal treated non-woven. Outer layer: Fabric with chemical and fire retardant fibres (inherently retardant). The physical characteristics of the NBC suit are Fire/Heat/Cold/Water repellent outer fabric, Breathable, Effective in the temperature range of -35°C to +55°C, Resistance to wear and tear – high abrasion resistance , Can be decontaminated at least two times, Washable, Shelf life of five to seven years.

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