Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC)

Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC) is used for protection from chemical and physical hazards. The chemicals get absorbed into the human body by two ways Physical contact-The chemicals gets absorbed through the skin, Inhalation the chemicals in gaseous state get absorbed in to the body through breathing. Chemical protective clothing is used for protection of the whole body against toxic chemicals which manifest their effect by absorption through skin. The durable Chemical protective clothing is made of non-permeable textile fabrics (PVC/Rubber coated fabrics).The protection is achieved by blocking the penetration and permeation of the chemicals through the fabrics in the clothing. This is an effective method for providing sufficient protection to professionals from contact of toxic chemicals. The carbon-containing material developed so far includes carbon-coated non-woven fabric, carbon-impregnated polyurethane foam, hard carbon microsphere-adhered woven fabric and activated charcoal cloth

type of textile: