High altitude clothing

High altitude clothing are used for protection against extreme weather conditions like extremely low temperature, high velocity winds, snow fall etc. especially in critical combat areas like Siachen. The clothing at high altitudes needs to meet both functional and comfort properties. High altitude clothing is also known as Extreme cold climate clothing (ECC). The high altitude clothing consists of jacket, waist coat, trousers, glacier cap, rappelling gloves and glacier gloves. The gear typically weight of special clothing is around nine to ten kilograms. The typical characteristics of high altitude clothing are like Hydrophilic - Waterproof and moisture resistant, Breathable, Abrasion resistance, Maintain high integrity, Resistance to quick wear and tear. The material used for these clothing is typically hydrophilic polyurethane coating, Gore-Tex coating or Sympatex coating. The hydrophilic properties are introduced by these coatings or laminates. Microporous coatings or laminates can be produced by mechanical fibrillation, phase separation, solvent extraction or solvent exchange.

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