Industrial Gloves

Industrial hand gloves serve as an item of protective apparel for workers in factories. They are classified under Cut-Slash Protection as well as Thermal Protection. Gloves are best for protection from rough objects, sparks and heat, and for cushioning from blows in heavy-duty work requirements. Hand gloves are of various types (leather, knitted, nitrile) and sizes (varying gauges). The materials that go in the production of hand gloves vary from cotton fabrics and asbestos to variety of leathers, p-aramid etc. Gloves are widely used in Industry and Defence (Cut-Slash protection). Due to rapid industrialization, the use of industrial hand gloves is expected to grow considerably. The gloves used for industrial and general purposes are categories as Leather gloves, Knitted gloves, Non-latex gloves e.g. Nitrile gloves, Rubber/Latex gloves .The leather, knitted and nitrile gloves are used in industrial applications for protection and have accordingly been discussed in this section. The rubber/latex gloves are used for surgical purpose. The typical characteristics of gloves are like Mild heat resistance, High abrasion protection, Better grip with anti slip coating, Comfortable and durable, Protection against cut and hot splash, for gloves made from Aramid (para) –temperature tolerance ranges from 250 to 750 Centigrade, Nitrile gloves provide chemical splash protection. Other than leather gloves the artificial fibres used for industrial gloves include: Kevlar (Para-aramid), Spectra, Basofil and Dyneema.

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