Interlining is a fabric used between the inner and outer layer of the garment to improve shape retention, strength or bulk. Interlining finds application in the waistbands, flies, pockets and belt loops of men's trousers; in the cuffs, collars and plackets of shirts and in the lapels, fronts, collars and pockets of tailored jackets and blazers. Invisible from the outside, interlining ensures accurate fit and optimum wearer comfort and thus, forms an important part of the garment
Interlining may be woven, knitted or nonwoven made out of cotton, polyester, polyester/cotton or polyester/viscose blend. Nonwoven interlining is available in weight ranging from 18 gsm to 70 gsm whereas woven interlining is available in weight ranging from 120 gsm to 250 gsm. Both woven and nonwoven interlinings are available in fusible as well as non-fusible varieties.