Services to Members


ITTA regularly engage the central and state governments on issues of relevance to the industry. Members may raise issues with ITTA that have industry wide impact.

Involve members’ participation in various forums/sub groups of ITTA on subjects such as Technology, Exports, Domestic Market, Government Policies, Quality, standardization etc. and formulate recommendation to competent authority for the growth of all segments of technical textiles.

ITTA’s value added services to its members, facilitate business and trade in technical textiles and create an ecosystem that promotes growth and profitability of the industry. This is being achieved through following activities-

- Dissemination of government policies and schemes.

- Sharing of product innovation, international and national news through a monthly E-bulletin

- Knowledge dissemination to producers and users of technical textiles through conference, symposium and workshop

- Providing platforms to members to showcase their strengths to the outside world.

- Concessional rates for participation in trade fairs and lead trade delegation to International events.

- Identification and assessment of market growth opportunities.

- Facilitates technology transfer / JVs with foreign companies.

- Organize buyer- seller meet.

- Strategic alliances with reputed international technical textile associations for mutual benefit.